It seemed that the black-necked cranes had departed unusually early this year but we still needed to get black-tailed crake. So we set off for an hours pre-breakfast birding in search of the crake. Success! This time the birds did respond to the tape and we managed to scope two birds and even get a poor record shot that you can see in the gallery.

Golden-throated barbet
Back to the hotel for breakfast, a quick pack and we're off on the road again, this time to the almost mythical Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary. A very pleasant journey followed which included changing a tyre, golden-throated barbet and singing along to an Assamese tape playing in the car. One miserable so-and so-in the group steadfastly refusing to join in!

There were no shops once we were up at Eaglenest, so stopped at a small town for essential luxuries to last our five night stay. These included chocolate, crisps, nuts, bottled water and three crates of beer. I should point out that this list is not necessarily given in priority order!

Our tent at Lama Camp
We arrived at Lama Camp early afternoon and 'checked in' to our roomy tents which were on bamboo platforms coming out of the steep hillside. The tents had two single beds separated by a small table and torch. There were also small tables at the end of each bed for luggage. A nice lunch followed and then we set off birding straight from the camp.

Within minutes, first of all Paul and then Rachael had ticked off the recently discovered and arguably the most wanted bird of the trip - Bugun liocichla. Minutes later Mandy had it but I dipped! I tried to play it cool but this was the first of several birds I failed to see that the others got. Never mind! A bit further down the path and it happened again, everyone getting on scaly-breasted wren babbler. I resolved not to lag behind and keep closer to Abid.

By the end of the afternoon we had see a host of new birds including greater-rufous-headed parrotbill, green tailed sunbird, and no less than four cutia. We had a very nice dinner in the bamboo dining room after which we sat around the woodburner with several of the previously mentioned beers.

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